Pekao Bank Hipoteczny EN

We belong to the Pekao Group, one of the biggest central-east European financial institutions in terms of assets concentrated around Bank Pekao S.A.

Our mission is to ensure high safety of covered bonds issued and the development of attractive and modern forms of real estate financing offered by the Pekao Group.

Our main activities:

  • financing of housing market and public sector by acquiring and providing financial means from capital market to clients
  • provide long term financing source for loans by issuing covered bonds, a type of bond secured by mortgage loans that is one of the world’s safest financial instruments.

Management Board:

Członek zarządu

Piotr Pawliczak

Vice President of the Management Board (CEO)

Członek zarządu

Agnieszka Domaradzka

Management Board Member (CRO)

Członek zarządu

Robert Dołęga

Management Board Member (CFO)

Supervisory Board:

Marcin Gadomski

Chairman of Supervisory Board

Rafał Baranowski

Supervisory Board Member

Wojciech Ślusarski

Supervisory Board Member

Janina Harasim

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Przemysław Barankiewicz

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Head Office address:
Pekao Bank Hipoteczny S.A.
10A Skierniewicka Str., 01-230 Warszawa
Phone no.: +48 22 852 19 00; +48 22 852 19 01
Fax no.: +48 22 852 61 23